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    CPS post installation set up


      I recently installed CPS 4 on a win2K+3 server that has IIS 6. I set this up for LDAP/AD authentication that works. When my user tries to connect to this server using Contribute, he cannot access the file system under the web site. He gets an permission denied message. I have explicitly given this user full control for the directory to put in his files.

      The Macromedia CPS service runs as a local system account (this was default settings and I did not change).
      IIS worker process account has all the necessary permissions as the web site is rendered: HTML file come up when accessed from the URL.
      The CPS installation has nothing else for me to set except for authentication that works! Test works.
      Is there any IIS settings I need to fine tune/ or anything else I am missing ??
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          m gupta Level 1
          Please check if you have any setting in folder/file access by administering the site->Users and Roles->Edit Role settings->Folder/File access.
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            m gupta Level 1
            Also please check if you are able to access folder using FTP/SFTP user id and password what is provided to the user or what is included in the connection key using any other client to rule out the permission issue.

            Alternatively you can disable publishing server and can try connecting to the site in Contribute directly to check whether the uid/password is correct.


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              raghu3 Level 1
              Hi Manoj,
              I checked both your suggestions.
              Allow users to edit files in any folder. Deletion is also checked.
              The userid who is trying to connect to CPS is valid. I used his AD account to test.
              Strange part is he can connect via contribute(version 3) to the publishing server BUT not able to access the folders of the web site.
              I have explicitly given his account full control to the folders!!
              Still stuck