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    App Installation, MSI, ALLUSERS parameter

      As we all know Adobe AIR runtime prepares msi file and then runs Microsoft Installer to install/update AIR applications.

      There are number of parameters to configure Microsoft Installer but one of them is quite important for "non-admin" users - ALLUSERS.

      "Specifies whether to perform a per-machine or per-user installation on Windows NT-based target systems. If this property is set to 2, the configuration data for the installation will be stored in the All Users profile if the user has administrative privileges, or otherwise to the current user's profile. If set to 1, configuration data will be written to the All Users profile if the user has administrative privileges, and if not the installation will display an error message and then exit."

      We have logged MSI installation and found out that Adobe AIR runtime sets this parameter to "1" for some reason. It makes installation/update of Air applications impossible for users without administrative privileges.

      Does anybody know the way to solve this issue?
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          Having a similar issue. I have remote users on notebooks w/o admin privs. I have installed the runtime (1.1) and have deployed an application. I have implemented 1.5 features, and would like them to be able to update that application and the runtime w/o me needing to change their privileges or have the system come back to me. This is very important and must be addressed. Adobe has made it clear that the runtime update addresses critical vulnerabilities and if I have installed the runtime, my users should be able to update to address these vulnerabilities w/o admin privileges.