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    Fireworks won't save sometimes

      I save FW CS4 png files and repeatedly get errors. I just lost three hours of work. I had thought that FW was saving anyway and that I was getting an overly zealous FW save error... but no.. the work is gone. I haven't googled the error much but thought I would start getting some feedback from the Adobe forum now.

      I am on an iMac 2.66GB, 4Gb RAM, fully upgraded to 10.5.5.

      One caveat, I am running VMware's Fusion, which runs MS Vista virtually. I have not been using it at all when any of these errors happened, BUT, I have the directories set to Read/Write for the Windows apps to see, and Sharing turned on. Dunno if that makes any difference.

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          Sarthak Singhal Adobe Employee
          Did you try saving the file afresh using Save As? Are you able to save the file in any other format?

          Can you post the troubling png file?
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            I was having the same problem and was finally able to fix it.


            I was losing my mind because I had just produced 4 hours of screens and It was generating the same 'could not save file' error.

            I refused to give in and began closing windows within adobe and other programs to save ram.

            still no luck...


            Finally I gave in and clicked the X button to exit the program.

            Fireworks prompted me to save the last 2 files I had been working on. With much doubt in my mind I clicked the 'yes' button and magically it saved both files.


            So there's your answer.

            Simply close the fireworks program and click 'yes' to the Save prompts. It should save them without error.

            So much for bug fixes, sometimes you have to H4X 7H47 5H17 40U253LF