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    ValueObjects - Returning Array Objects Between CFC and Actionscript Class Object

      I have a class object ApplicationInfo.as and ApplicationInfo.cfc mapped. I validated that all of the properties in my .as class appears in the .cfc component. Within the ApplicationInfo class, I have 3-4 array objects that pull all addresses, comments, job history related to that ApplicationInfo object, along with properties about the ApplicationInfo object (ie. application_id, app_date, app_taken_by etc)

      When I call the CFC, and debug it, I can see that all of the Array objects in the CFC pull in all of the data, however, when I return the object back to my flex app, via RemoteObject, all of the ApplicationInfo properties appear (application_id, app_date, app_taken_by etc), but all of my array objects are null.

      Example of .as class

      public class ApplicationInfo
      public var acApplicants:Array = new Array();
      public var acProperties:ListProperties ;
      public var acAssets:Array = new Array() ;
      public var acDebtPayoffs:Array = new Array();
      public var acQualifiedProducts:Array = new Array();
      public var acComments:Array = new Array();
      public var acQuickStats:Array = new Array();
      public var reference_number:String = "";
      public var status_id:Number = 0;

      Example of CFC:

      <cfcomponent output="false" alias="MORTAPP.src.cfc.ApplicationInfo">
      <cfproperty name="acApplicants" type="array" >
      <cfproperty name="acProperties" type="MORTAPP.src.cfc.ListProperties" >
      <cfproperty name="acAssets" type="array" >
      <cfproperty name="acDebtPayoffs" type="array" >
      <cfproperty name="acQualifiedProducts" type="array" >
      <cfproperty name="acComments" type="array" >
      <cfproperty name="acQuickStats" type="array" >
      <cfproperty name="reference_number" type="string" default="">
      <cfproperty name="status_id" type="numeric" default="0">

      Since I'm able to get the data back into the CFC and the structure of all of arrays and objects within my ApplicationInfo class look fine, I'm assuming it's the mapping between the CFC and the .AS file. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!