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    FLEX / typed data via e-mail or leave out ... How does it work with Flex

      Hi folks!

      So I have a form created with Flex. That means that I now type, and also something of a ComboBox to select ... But now when someone fills this form, then I typed this information via e-mail received. What should I do? I naturally hit on the button "Send" and then I typed the data. How can these or can I read it to me via e-mail can? If so, HOW?

      What do I need to source and what to add, so I get the data, if possible by e-mail ...

      Here is the source of my form:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <mx:Application xmlns:mx=" http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute">

      <mx:Form x="10" y="92" width="545" height="396" id="form1">

      <mx:ControlBar width="512" height="17" id="controlbar7">
      <mx:Spacer height="0" width="93" id="spacer3"/>
      <mx:FormHeading label="Herzlich willkommen bei BooksYOUneed als Dozent!" id="formheading9"/>

      <mx:ControlBar width="512" height="20" id="controlbar2">
      <mx:Spacer height="0" width="109"/>
      <mx:CheckBox label="Ich bin Dozent" width="108" click="currentState =''" id="checkbox2"/>

      <mx:FormHeading label="Persönliche Daten" width="261" id="formheading1"/>
      <mx:FormItem label="Anrede:" width="511" toolTip="Salutation" required="true" id="formitem1">
      <mx:ComboBox width="379" editable="false" enabled="true" id="Anrede" toolTip="Bitte wählen Sie Ihre Anrede aus! Please select/ choose your salutation!">
      <mx:String>-------------------------Bitte auswählen-------------------------------</mx:String>

      <mx:FormItem label="Titel:" width="512" id="formitem2">
      <mx:ComboBox width="380" id="Titel" toolTip="Bitte wählen Sie Ihren Titel aus, falls sie über eine verfügen! Please select/ choose your title, if you have one!">
      <mx:String>-------------------------Bitte auswählen-------------------------------</mx:String>
      <mx:String>Prof. Dr.</mx:String>
      <mx:String>Prof. Dr. Dr.</mx:String>

      <mx:FormItem label="Vorname:" required="true" id="formitem3">
      <mx:TextInput width="381" toolTip="Ein Beispiel für den Vornamen: Schuster! An example of the first name: Schuster!" id="vornameFeld"/>

      <mx:FormItem label="Name:" required="true" id="formitem4">
      <mx:TextInput width="380" toolTip="Ein Beispiel für den Namen: Müller! An example of the name: Müller!" id="nameFeld"/>

      <mx:FormItem label="E-Mail:" required="true" toolTip="Ein Beispiel für die E-Mail Adresse: info@booksyouneed.info! An example of the e-mail address: info@booksyouneed.info!" id="formitem5">
      <mx:TextInput width="381" id="emailFeld"/>

      <mx:ControlBar width="511" height="25" id="controlbar3">
      <mx:Spacer height="0" width="227" id="spacer2"/>
      <mx:Button label="Buch empfehlen" id="button7" labelPlacement="left" click="currentState ='Buchempfehlen1'"/>

      <mx:ControlBar width="511" height="24" id="controlbar4">
      <mx:Spacer height="0" width="208"/>
      <mx:Button label="Training CD´s empfehlen" id="button8" click="currentState ='CDempfehlen1'"/>

      <mx:ControlBar width="510" height="22" id="controlbar5">
      <mx:Spacer height="0" width="420" id="spacer1"/>
      <mx:Button label="Senden" id="button1"/>