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    What versions of Apache commons jars?

    Graeme Harker Level 1
      FDS includes a few Apache jars in WEB-INF/lib that it needs to work properly (such as commons-loging.jar and commons-httpclient.jar). I can't find a definition anywhere of which versions of these jars are required. I'm getting the equivalent in Java of "dll hell" - a version clash between FDS and the Java code I'm integrating into FDS, specifically with commons-httpclient.jar. Anyone know which versions of these jars FDS supports?
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          Peter Farland
          FDS 2 shipped the following versions of apache jars in /WEB-INF/lib (you can usually find this info inside a jar in the /META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file).

          Apache Commons HTTPClient 3.0
          Apache Commons Codec 1.2
          Apache Commons Logging 1.0.4

          (The other apache jars under /WEB-INF/flex/jars are not in normal the web app classpath and are for the MXML webtier compiler only).

          Have you tried deleting the commons-logging.jar that ships with FDS?

          Can you give me more details on specifically what error you're seeing? What application server are you deploying on? What is the nature of the deployment, how many apps, servers etc. We've probably dealt with specific conflicts before so we may be able to help.
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            Graeme Harker Level 1
            Thanks for the reply.

            Note that the problem I'm having is with httpclient.jar not logging.jar. Yes, I have tried using the jars that ship with FDS. I'm assuming I'm not at liberty to change any of the jars that ship with FDS as I don't want to break FDS. The problem is that the code I'm integrating in with FDS was built against commons-httpclient-2.0.2.jar. This call fails when it runs against the Apache Commons HTTPClient 3.0 jar that ships with FDS.

            org.apache.commons.httpclient.util.EncodingUtil.formUrlEncode( httpclient.NameValuePair[] pairs , "UTF-8" ) ;

            It's not a big deal as I can modify the code to make it work with the newer v3.0 jar but without your answer I had no way of knowing whether FDS depended on a later or earlier version of the jar.

            I suspect this jar version information should be in the Release Notes.
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              Peter Farland Level 3
              Yes, you're right. I'll log a bug and inform release engineering to ensure this is fixed for future releases.