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    Using CSS to arbitrarily place Controls Components

    patrickcheatham Level 1
      Hi there:

      I'm creating an app which loads in an arbitrary external SWF which contains an unknown set of components into its fluid layout (not absolute). This external SWF itself uses external CSS (SWF) to define things like Button icons, labels, etc., as well as bottom, top placement and so on.

      Things work just fine, but I would like my Components SWF to be fairly generic -- that is, I want to use any number of different external CSS SWFs to inform my Components' layout, while hardcoding as little as possible in my Components' MXML.

      As it is now, the order of Components' elements in the MXML determine the left-to-right (or r-to-l or top-to-bottom, etc) order in which they appear, as well as stacking order. Is there a way to assign a "weight" to the Components via CSS, so that I can have just one MXML base which includes all my components? That is, I want to avoid having a version of my app which is "button 1 is to the right of button 3", while another version of the app is "button 1 is to the left of button 3".

      One App file, many CSS files?