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    script for a long "See Also" button?

    canadave_nyc Level 1

      I have a dilemma I'm hoping someone has already found the scripted solution for :)

      I have a RoboHelp project with a whole bunch of files. Many of these files feature "See Also" buttons, which, when pressed, display links to other HTML help files in the project.

      The problem is, since the project is so large, some of these See Also buttons display 30 or more links...and guess what? RoboHelp can't display all of them :)

      So, I was wondering: has anyone run into this type of problem and coded a solution for it? I was thinking some sort of script that either adds a scroll bar to the list of links in the See Also list, or a script that adds an arrow that, when pressed, lets you scroll down the list (a la Microsoft Office).

      Trouble is, I have the coding ability of a newt. Can anyone point me to a pre-made script that will do such a thing?

      Thanks in advance!