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    How do I stop hidden field renumbering?

    innovationlab Level 1
      I have a site with three calendars for room scheduling. Each day on the calendar has a mini form with hidden fields of mnth, dy, yr. The mnth value and yr value are the same on each only the day vaule is different. For example they would all have the value of December for mnth, and 2009 for yr, but the day value coresponds to the exact day of the month. The mini form submits the values to a database to record the day the reservation is requested for. Here's my problem. The database only records mnth, dy, yr. I'm making new calendars for 2009. Every time I save the new page, Dreamweaver automatically renumbers the mnth, dy and yr to mnth2, mnth3, mnth4, etc. as well as the dy and yr. I go back and erase it to where they are all labeled just mnth, but when I save, close and reopen, it is renumbered again. How do I stop this automatic numbering of the hidden fields? I haven't had this issue in the past. I'm using Dreamweaver CS3 and Windows xp Pro.