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    CSS applied to wysiwyg editor

      Using RoboHelp HTML 7.02.001 on Windows XP Pro.

      1. Wysiwyg editor incorrectly displays Arial sans-serif, although it is correctly defined in the CSS file.
      2. Output (Preview Topic, WebHelp output, etc.) correctly displays Arial sans-serif.
      3. Styles dialog box (Format > Styles) shows correct definition of sans-serif font but displays what looks like Times New Roman (with serifs of course). Font dialog box (Format > Styles > Format > Font) shows correct definition of Arial but displays serif font.

      Does anyone know where the override might be coming from? I have tried importing CSS files that work fine in ALL my other projects but do not work properly in this project. The CSS does not change, but the font definition is not working in the wysiwyg editor (thought it DOES work in the output).
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          Found the solution to my problem!

          Format > Font Sets dialog box (a dialog box that I never knew existed!) showed that "times new roman" was being used in wysiwyg ed instead of "arial". Also discovered that "arial" was the wrong font--should have been Arial. When I corrected the Font Sets definition, everything came right again in the wysiwyg ed.