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    setting instance name for getURL

    Nicholas M Level 1
      I'm a newbie in Flash, and have designed a simple 1 layer flash banner where text is added to the panel every couple of frames. I need to set a getURL but first believe that I have to set an instance name. Following from what I read, i went to the properties inspector and (in cs4) and put a "label" name as "overloadweb" (which is the name I want to give the instance...

      I think I've got it wrong though because when i put the getURL on the first frame (using actionscript 2) of

      //Goto Webpage Behavior
      getURL(" http://www.overloadweb.com.au","_blank");
      //End Behavior

      nothing happens...

      Can someone help me here as I'm not sure that I should be changing the label name or something else?
      I'd really appreciate any help as i've been trying to figure this one out for the last couple days!