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    when to use Flex Or Flash Or HTML-Javascript

      I am Experimenting with Adobe AIR. I know AIR Applications can be developed either using Html-Javascript Or Flex Or Flash.
      But can anybody HELP me understand when do i exactly use Flex or HTML-JS.
      Well i know one of the reason to use Flex is to build RIA's.What are the other Possible reasons ?? can i draw a Decision Boundry between them??

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          I've been fighting with the same thing. I have a app that I'm building right now, it runs quick in Flash but when I port it over to Flex it seems to run slow. It is pure actionscript 3 so I'm kind of confused on what is hindering the performance in Flex.
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            Dr. Fred Mbogo Level 1
            The best reason to choose one tool over the other is that you have something working in that language already, and are just extending it into the AIR world.

            If you're starting a new project, you then have to balance tools you have and know how to use against the strengths of the tools. A tool you don't know has to have some pretty compelling strengths to make you take the time to learn it, unless you're just doing it for fun. If not for fun, the effort has to pay off, yes?

            Very generally speaking, here are the strengths of the tools, as I see it.

            For HTML + Javascript, just look at what you see on the web today. People are pushing browsers pretty hard these days with web apps, so that gives you a good first-order idea of the power of this tool set. The AIR environment does give you some more power, not just in the AIR APIs, but also in having a single modern browser to develop for, so you don't have to limit yourself to IE6 compatible code. Still, it's not yet the equal of the other tools in some areas.

            Flash's main advantage over the others is in applications with lots of graphics and animation. The reason for this is purely because that's what the Flash authoring environment is geared to produce. It's not got a very good ActionScript editor, and as a consequence there's a practical limit on how much code you want to write in a given project. It's not a question of whether you can write a 20,000 line ActionScript program within the Flash environment, it's a question of whether it's better done in another tool.

            One of the best "other tools" when you end up with lots of code is Flex. With the "Builder", you get Ecipse, and without, you are presumably using some other worthy programming environment. But, you give up the graphic and animation tools from Flash, and you give up a lot of the simplicity of HTML + Javascript.

            You can combine them, of course. You could build a whizzy GUI control in Flash to use in a Flex application which is hosted inside a web page, for instance.
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              Jp Cooper Level 1
              JKHGDKHGSLKJ is right on the money_

              One additional mention about Flash is that it is never necessary to load an entire Flash Project into a Single Flash Movie_

              The more complex Flash Projects are developed in a modular fashion so they become easier to edit one section without having to re-export the entire project_

              Build small modules and load the SWFs into a larger Project SWF Template so even if your code does get up to 20,000 lines - it will break down to 10-100 lines here and there that are easily swapped out when needed_

              Also if you know any server-side coding -- PHP -- ASP -- etc... Then this can also be tied in so to load content dynamically_ Thus the robustness of Flash itself_

              Although I haven't tested it - there shouldn't be much of a problem to mix and match Flash with HTML and Javascript within an Air Project_

              Happy coding_
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                Dr. Fred Mbogo Level 1
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