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    I have a display issue with sliders - XP 64/CS4

      Has anyone else come across this issue using brush controls etc. sliders don't show up, but appear to be "working" in that moving the mouse where the slider should be controls the brush? Also, after a while this manifests further with a blank/white screen?

      The only way to work around this is to disable visual themes in the properties. Anyone know if this is program error or display issue? I have set AllowOlderGPU etc. for Photoshop and updated nVidia drivers for Quadro FX4500 to latest version. (I have verified that every other program working within CS4 design premium is working properly/as expected.)

      Edited today 11/6/2008 : Upon closing application, received error box with "An internal error occurred" displayed twice, followed by another error box "Fireworks unexpected exception c0000096"