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    Problems with simple picture gallery

      I've got a website project where the client wanted a picture gallery. I don't really do much with Flash so I went on the web and found a tutorial on how to get what I want. Problem is that the instructions I followed are fairly old so I couldn't export my movie any higher than AS2 and Flash 6 and have it work. That would be fine except that I wanted to use a feature that requires Flash 8 or higher, namely a gradient mask. I was hoping that I could post my code and have the board gurus help me out with what i need to do to get everything working together.

      First you'll want to create a movie using AS2 and Flash 8 to see what I'm trying to accomplish, then export it again with Flash 6 to see it actually working. You can grab a copy of what I'm working with here:

      All help greatly appreciated.