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    everything is printing in mirror image

      I cannot print a picture without getting a mirror image
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          That sounds like a printer driver setting. I know some printers have that capability. You may get input if you post your printer model.
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            Barbara B. Level 7
            If you are printing from the editor, click the Show more options button and check to see if "Transfer printing--Invert" is turned on.
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              I have this SAME issue: ANY pdf printed from Adobe Reader 9.x prints as a mirror image!!! This is NOT a printer driver problem.


              Information: I have 4 computers on a network and a network printer supporting them (HP Officejet L7680). I had Adobe Reader v8.x on all 4 machines - 3 Windows XP, 1 Vista64. All printing/viewing was normal.


              I decided to upgrade my Vista64 machine to Adobe 9.x (currently v9.2). That was a mistake. Now, every pdf printed from that machine prints as a mirror image of the pdf. I do not see any kind of printer option under Adobe or my printer to print as a mirror image.


              So, 3 Windows XP machines with Adobe 8.x print fine; 1 Vista64 machine with Adobe 8.x printed fine; 1 Vista64 machine upgraded to Adobe 9.x does NOT print correctly.


              This problem has cropped up with enough frequency that there is some sort of Adobe 9.x problem. A quick internet search will show the extent of this issue.



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                I am also having problems printing in Reader version 9.  Everything prints in mirror image, unless you remember to go into the printer properties and then to advanced and turn mirror image off.  My default printer already has this feature turned off in my default settings, but for some reason, Adobe Reader overrides that.  I have to manually turn it off inside the Reader menu.  I am not having this problem with any other program, Only Adobe Reader 9.  I have two printers but the one I use the most is an HP OfficeJet Pro 7780.  This is driving me crazy and is wasting tons of ink and paper because I get busy at our office and forget to manually turn off mirror printing before I print.

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                  Barbara B. Level 7

                  Sorry you're having this problem, but you'll probably get better help in the Reader forum, which is here:




                  Good luck!

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                    For anyone with this issue in the future, my fix (prodded by Barbara B.) was to un-check "Flip horizontally" in my Xerox print settings that I had unintentionally checked.