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    Kuler panel in CS4 problem

    designme.sk Level 1
      I am having a serious problem with kuler panel in FW, AI, PS and with search field in FW + AI.
      Cant see the kuler colors as they should look like, because they are covered with yellow tint (looks like 50% alpha).

      This was happening on with my old graphics (geforce 8600gt), but happens with new (radeon hd4670) one also. Latest drivers, latest updates, lates everything.. So I reinstalled windows, sp3, windows update, new drivers, clean CS4 install.. Same freakin problem. Can anyone tell what is the problem here? I am using download version cs4 design premium english.
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          Is it possible that the monitor you are using is the problem? Is it LCD or CRT? Do you have a degauss button? Are your RGB settings correct? On my CRT by selecting different settings, I do get a yellowish tinge in some cases. Also on the LCD, I get the same. Have you tried a different monitor? Perhaps the monitor is on its last legs. What is the manufacturer and model of your monitor?
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            alanl99 Level 1
            Another thought that may help. If you look at the Settings tab of the Display Properties of your desktop, is the screen resolution correct. Also is the color quality set to at least Medium (16 bit) color or Highest (32 bit) color. If it's less than this, you may get the yellowish overtone. I just VPNed into a client and saw the same effect because the color quality was set to 256.

            Hope this helps to resolve your problem
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              PMM Adobe Employee
              Hi Designme.sk,

              Would you mind providing us with a little more information about the system you're using. Sounds like a PC. What kind of computer do you have... Are you running Vista, XP, etc. What kind of monitor are you using? And finally, have you checked your monitor settings?

              We should be able to do a better job troubleshooting with that info.


              The Kuler Team
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                Has a solution been found for this problem? I am seeing the same issue in CS4 Photoshop and Illustrator on Windows XP. I have tried setting different color profiles in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Bridge but still see the same yellow tint in the Kuler palette.