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    Does WebHelp support help-system-user defined bookmarks/favorites?

      I would like to know if it is anyway possible to allow a user (not author) of a WebHelp help layout to be able to 'bookmark' topics that she/he commonly accesses so that each time the user opens up Help, they do not have to search, or browse for a topic. They simply can click on a 'favorite topics' hyperlink that would allow them to jump to a specific topic that they frequently need to reference (think of the way that you use 'favorites' in IE, or 'bookmarks' in Firefox). Can this be done with any RoboHelp7 layout type? I believe that Microsoft HTML Help supports this type of feature, but we would like to use something a little more 'robust' & 'modern'.

      I know that the RoboHelp Authoring environment supports bookmarks, but this is a much different request.