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    Bitwise Operators?

    Daniel Rinehart Level 1
      This maybe a silly question, but does Pixel Bender support bitwise operators?
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          Kevin Goldsmith Level 3
          not a silly question. We do not support bitwise operators in Pixel Bender 1.0
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            WordRad Level 1

            Why would you not have bitwise operators - That's absurd.  If you did, you would have a BitBlt equivalent for Flex.  Why would you leave them out for crying out loud??? They would have been simple to implement and computationally undemanding and seem to be an obvious requirement for a product like this. What is going that Adobe would just decide to leave them out of Pixel Bender.  Bizarre and inexplicable.

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              Kevin Goldsmith Level 3

              very simple explanation.


              Bitwise operations are not supported on all the GPUs that support Pixel Bender. They are incredibly useful, we wouldn't have omitted them by accident. We wanted Pixel Bender to work across hardware without having to special case it, so we had to leave some good stuff behind. Look for them in a future version of the language as cards that support these features become common.