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    running flex on headless server

    Cr99 Level 1
      I have been trying to get my flex app to run on a headless server for quite some time. The program works find on my localhost, but even after I set the config files to headless = true, when I try to launch the app (using firefox and the appropriate url, via a java exec Process) it dies everytime. These are some of the errors I've gotten:

      firefox-bin:2839): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:


      command: /opt/sfw/bin/firefox file:/var/tmp/DisplayURLs16204.html -width 1600 -height 1200 -display :5
      08/11/10 16:37:19 ERR>mkdir: "/.mozilla/firefox": Permission denied
      08/11/10 16:37:19 ERR>/opt/sfw/bin/firefox: /.mozilla/firefox/solaris_patchchecker_keys.txt: cannot create

      I've even got a virtual frame buffer running on display:5 to try and trick flex into running. I really need snapshots of these charts from the server and I cannot seem to get it to work no matter what I try.