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    Duplicate rows in DataGrid

    olegkon Level 1

      My project in Flex2/LCDS2 uses DataGrid very extensively with streaming data coming in.
      After we recompiled it with Flex3 and run with LCDS2.5, we see a strange behavior:
      originally it shows everything right, but all coming data creates duplicate rows.
      As soon as we do sort on any column, duplicates disappear.
      But then again new data creates duplicate rows...

      We have never seen that happening with Flex2,
      in fact it's running fine in production for a few months.

      Has anybody seen such behavior ?
      How can we cure that ?
      (we do not do any special processing on that data, so I really doubt it's anything in our code)
      (using Java 1.5 on the server).

      Any help is very appreciated.

      Thank you in advance,