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    Mute Webkit

      I'm working on an AIR application which is in fact a custom web browser. One of the features it MUST have is a button which mutes all sounds (including from Flash containers on that page). Any ideas how to do that?
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          I´ve got only a question to the custom web browser...
          I´m working on an application manages images. One feature is to search at fotolia.com for similar pictures. The simple way to show the pictures from fotolia is to open a new window and display the result page in it. Just like that: win.load( new air.URLRequest( ' http://de.fotolia.com/');
          But I want to navigate through the site, so should I display the page via iframe in my application? How do I open a variable url like de.fotolia.com/search?k=[term the user wants to search for] and how can I create back- and forward buttons that navigate through the website in my application?

          Thanks in advance.
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            _Badu Level 1
            You can start by taking a look at HTMLScout ( http://code.google.com/p/htmlscout/) to see more functionality than navigation.
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              kiwi_ziesch Level 1
              Thanks for the link.
              My app is written in JS and I have one question left.
              I´m loading the URL in an iframe like this:

              <div id="fotolia_box">
              <input type="button" onclick="window.htmlLoader.historyBack()" value="back" /><br />
              <iframe id="foto" width="950" height="900" src="" sandboxRoot=" http://fotolia.com/" documentRoot="app:/"></iframe>

              The src of the iframe is created dynamically and runs. But the onclick from the button may be wrong. I don´t know how to get the iframe´s "history". Can anybody help?

              Thanks so far.