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    Cocomo and Ajax

    VerlSnake Level 1
      Currently Cocomo is used primarily as a realtime data exchange engine for Flash/Flex; can it
      also be leveraged by Ajax web sites/apps ? Using client-side frameworks like Smartclient,
      Javeline, Dojo, Cappuccino, etc. ?
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          Nigel Pegg Level 4
          Hi VerlSnake,

          At its core, Cocomo is intended as a Flash/Flex technology - for instance VoIP and WebCam video isn't supported in Ajax - so we focused most on making sure that development model made sense. We also currently run exclusively with the bi-directional persistent sockets provided by the Flash Player (RTMPs). In the longer-term, I can see cases where embedding Cocomo in Ajax might make sense, but for now our focus is really improving what we've got in Flash.