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    Adding a video pane to RoboHelp UI

      Hello. I'm looking for a way to incorporate video into my Help. Ideally, I would like to a video pane to the Help interface, perhaps somewhere above the TOC. So the help window would have 3 panes: The TOC, the contents of the current selection within the TOC, and a general purpose video pane. When a user clicked on "hot links" within the text, an associated video snippet would play in the video pane. Is this technically possible?
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          Hi Racer-EX and welcome to the forums.

          Yes, this is technically possible. I currently have some video help topics that have only video (all triggered by a browse sequence). To include a pane of text, what I would do is to create a 'frame' and have one of them dedicated to video topics the other to text. That said, the use of frames has seen a real downturn in the HTML world. I'm not really sure why although they are not always easy to manage.

          Good luck,

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            Hi all

            John, I believe the issues with Frames is largely because early on, search engines weren't intelligent enough to find content buried inside them. As I understand things, nowadays it isn't nearly the issue it once was, at least for web pages.

            However, if you use Framesets in RoboHelp output, it's possible that the end user could discover files via the searching mechanism that would make no sense if displayed without being presented within the context of the frameset.

            Cheers... Rick