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    Space Between Form Fields

      In internet explorer the browser puts about a half inch of space between each of my drop down form fields. It does not do this in Firefox or Safari. Can anyone tell me how to prevent this in IE?

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          In IE 7, 6, when using <form> tag inside of a table cell <td> it will apply the default margin. To workaround this problem, create a css rule for the <form> tag and also for the "select" form field and "label".
          example css:
          form {margin:0; padding:0;}

          or if you want to do an specific rules, create a rules specific to the parent container:
          #formbox select, #formbox label {margin:0; padding:0}

          or to reset the possible margin for most html tag, add a css rule below:
          * {margin:0, padding:0;}

          Just a note, I notice you are using three <form> tag for each select fied, why not put them in one <form> tag

          hope this is helpful