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    $WWAssociativeLinks and $WWKeywordLinks

    Tech Writer KC Level 1
      Most of my project files contain these two folders, can anyone tell me what they contain?

      Opening their contents in Notepad doesn't seem to work well, and I'm not exactly sure what they're used for. We are having an issue with these folders as the "$" at the beginning of their names is leading to our Team Foundation Server rejecting any attempt to add them to source control.

      Is there any way for a user to change the naming convention for these folders in RH7? Otherwise my hope is that they're not used by our particular help file and I can just delete them...
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          Pete Lees Level 2
          Hi, Tech Writer KC,

          Did RoboHelp create these two folders, or could you have created them yourself at some point by decompiling an HTML Help file and then subsequently loading the decompiled project into RoboHelp?

          These folders are normally created automatically within an HTML Help file when you compile it, so they don't really have any reason to exist outside the help file. Each folder contains a set of binary data files that specify link keywords to use in the help file. The $WWAssociativeLinks keywords are ALink keywords, and the $WWKeywordLinks are KLink keywords. You can embed both types of keywords in your help topics by using HTML Help ActiveX controls — "design-time controls" in RoboHelp parlance — and then, at compile time, the compiler pulls them all together and writes them into the two folders within the help file.

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            Tech Writer KC Level 1
            These folders have been around since I inherited our help files from my predecessors. It looks like all of our help folders save our empty "main" project has these.

            My understanding is that the current projects suffered a crash at one point - the previous main project had a number of bugs, and soon after I started I created a new one from scratch to address those issues.

            I've never had to create a project by decompiling, but it's certainly possible that a previous tech writer here had to do just that. These sub-folders all appear to date from when the crash apparently took place. No one here really knows much about what actually occurred, but it's possible that they lost the original projects and had to create new ones from scratch by decompiling the existing CHMs.

            Regarding the "design-time controls", are you suggesting that this would replace the ALink and KLink stuff (we currently don't use any ALinks AFAIK)? Just wanting to make sure I understand correctly.

            Thanks for the info, that certainly helps to clear things up. BTW, I'm on vacation for the rest of the week, so my apologies if I'm late in responding to any more posts/help/hints/info/etc from you or anyone else!
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              Pete Lees Level 2
              Hi, again,

              I believe the help compiler creates the $WWAssociativeLinks and $WWKeywordLinks folders within a help file whether or not you've added any index keywords or ALink keywords. So, the existence of these folders isn't really an indication that these keywords are in use in the help file.

              In the end, everything that is written to these two folders within the help file originates from somewhere else in your project. For example, if you embed a keyword of one sort or the other in a help topic, it will get written into the appropriate $WW...Links file when you compile.