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    New Flex SDK Not Picking Up My Changes - NEED HELP!

      I tried building flex sdk 3.2.0. from the source code based on the instruction at Adobe Open Source WIKI: http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Get+Source+Code. I made my custom changes to the source and rebuilt it and tested it successfully. I point my Eclipse Flex Builder to the new installed Flex SDKs and run my application in debug mode. While my application is in debug mode, I step through the code and stop at the point where I have made my change in the Flex SDK. I see my changes are displaying correctly in the debugger but is actually debugging a different Flex SDK. Hence what I am see is not what is being debugged.

      How do I make sure that my newly built Flex SDK is the currently installed Flex SDK running in Eclipse Flex Builder and Adobe Flash Player? Before you say just tell eclipse that you have a new Flex SDK, remember I have already set this setting in the windows>preferences>flex>Installed Flex SDKs.


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