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    Insert "Search" in a Topic

      RoboHelp HTML allows you to put the TOC and the Index in topics using the HTML Help Controls drop down list located in the Insert Menu. This works great...I was wondering if there is any possible way to insert the Search Engine for RH HTML inside a topic and if it would still search the whole project...I know about ZoomSearch but it doesn't work for RH HTML........Any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance...
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Let me correct the statement that ZoomSearch does not work for RH HTML as it works quite happily across my outputs from RH HTML. I think what jimpr means to say is that is does not work in Microsoft HTML help (CHMs) which is correct.

          RH HTML produces many help formats and it is the format that is the issue, not the product.

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            jimpr Level 1
            Actually, I have tried to use ZoomSearch with RoboHelp HTML using JavaScript output. When I preview it, it works perfect. When I compile it at first, I couldn't see the Submit button and got an error. Then I added the four JavaScript files created by ZoomSearch to the Baggage Files. I compiled and it worked perfect but when you submit the search it displays a Page Error instead of results. If it has worked for you, maybe you can tell me what output you used and any other detail that I might be doing wrong.

            Thank for any help!
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
              You are still referring to RH HTML. What matters is not the flavour of RH but the output type, webhelp or CHMs. I will assume you are talking about webhelp.

              First it very definitely works with webhelp. The usual cause of the problem you describe is not having got the relative path right in the default page of ZoomSearch..

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                jimpr Level 1
                OK, that explains it. I am doing projects on HTML Help, which is chm files. I know ZoomSearch works for webHelp but it obviously doesn't work with HTML Help (chm files)...Sorry for the misunderstanding...

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                  RoboWizard Level 4
                  Hi Jim

                  May I ask what you feel is insufficient with respect to .CHM files? Normally they have a very robust searching ability.

                  Cheers... Rick
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                    jimpr Level 1
                    Sorry but I haven't been for a little while. The users in our company and some of our customers complain that the RoboHelp Search does not help them much. The reason is because when they do a search it finds every single instance of the word entered. Maybe works too good. Anyway, I told them to use the advanced search, use quotes, etc. See, we have one product with 500 topics. If they do a search and get 200 topics with possible results, they are already frustrated.

                    Anyway, this is not such a big deal to be honest with you because it's a problem with certain words that apply to many topics. They do like ZoomSearch because it's more like searching on Google...

                    The thing I am really trying to do and would love to find a way to do it, is rather than having the search tab on the left side of the screen, I would like to find a way to put in a topic. Meaning, just like you can put a TOC or Index in a topic by using the INSERT > HTML HELP CONTROLS > INDEX or TOC, we would like to put the Search inside a topic also.

                    I hope this is more clear....Thanks for trying to help anyway....