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    AIR as  Site Specific Browser (SSB) - Remote Domain Issue

      I am trying to use AIR as a Site Specific Browser (SSB) solution. I am trying to access content on a remote domain (remote domain is under my control) via an iframe and pass back a hidden form field to trigger a javascript self.focus within the AIR application. It looks like this:

      Child.cfm (the page on the remote domain):
      <form name="RemoteForm">
      <input type="hidden" name="TriggerFocus" value="true">

      <iframe id="Child"
      sandboxRoot=" http://example.com/"

      I need some javascript to determine if RemoteForm.TriggerFocus is true, then:
      <body onload="self.focus();">

      I've been researching the application sandbox and bridges but after three days, I'm still not getting it. I think this should be simple but I'm more a ColdFusion guy than a javascript/AIR guy. Can anyone help?