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    voiceSetRate(1)  bug Mac OSX

      when trying to change the rate of talking voice in an accessible app i am finding that this is not working
      and the voice ends up being slow.

      I am using the following code
      on mouseup
      put voiceGetRate()

      gives me
      -- 2621440

      not 1 as should be happening
      also the voice becomes very slow no matter what number i set the voice to

      is this a known bug?
      is there a work around?

      help appreciated

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          Does seem a bit weird.

          Firstly you are putting the rate before setting it to 1 so the 2621440 is the rate before you set it.

          That's the bit that seems weird as the docs suggest a rate between -10 and 10. On my iMac I got an initial rate of 11796480 when I did the voiceGetRate() and setting it to progressively lower values slowed the voice down. However I couldn't detect any further slowing down below a very high threshold.

          In short I have no idea what a correct value for the rate should be (aside from the initial value).

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            fazstp Level 2
            Just a bit of experimentation you could try setting the rate by an order of magnitude. It's probably not the correct order of magnitude but it seems to work.