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    error retrieving BLOB data

    Raju Rao

      I wish to retrieve BLOB data from my sqlite database and display it on the AIR application screen. While I can retrieve all other fields I get the following error:

      RangeError: Error #2006: The supplied index is out of bounds.
      at flash.data::SQLStatement/internalExecute()
      at flash.data::SQLStatement/execute()
      at ResourceLoader/nativeReceivedAllData()
      at ResourceLoader/receivedAllData()
      at ResourceLoader/onComplete()

      This appears both as a pop up on the AIR screen as well as on the console.

      I notice that this appears only when one of the fields of my select is the BLOB field. My SQL command is

      "select docId, title, filecontent from docs" .... docs being the table name.

      Thanks for the help,