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    problem linking to pdf file in Internet explorer

    spycatcher69 Level 1
      Hello all first time post.
      I have a problem I cant seem to get my head around.I have created a web site for our local yacht club , on the links page I have added links to PDF files ,I am using dreamweaver 8 .
      The Pdf links work fine in firefox but not in IE ,I have changed file names ,put files in root directory ,remade the pdf document as a html even the link still will not work , However if a create a flash button to the pdf link it works fine in both browsers.I even created the page in fireworks and added a link in fireworks ,and it still wont work .
      I created the PDF files from a word document using acrobat 7.
      All security settings are ok ,this happens on all computers .I have tried the file on 4 different ones with different versions of IE.The View pdf in browser is enabled on all machines, as well as in acrobat.I also tried this link and tested the acrobat file it loads ok in IE http://windowsxp.mvps.org/ie/pdf.htm.I am trying this offline before I upload to server.
      Thank you all for your time and consideration.