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    See also index cross-references don't appear in WebHelp output and sorting issues

      I created index cross references to make "see" and "see also" references in the index. When I generate the output they are not in the index. For example, for "deleting" I made a subentry called "see removing", which is a cross-referenced to "removing," and "deleting" does not appear in the index.

      I read that 7.0.2 fixes something that sounds like this issue (Structured cross-references and structured index markers losses their links in the generated output), but I am running And there only seems to be one download for 7.0.2.

      Also, I would like to be able to put the "see also" entries at the beginning of the sublist for an index entry, for example (and a bad example at that):

      see also oranges

      As it is, if you want "see also" in the index entry, it sorts under "see," which is not what you want. Of course, I only see this in the source file.