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    How do I embed fonts in PDF?

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      I can't figure out why I just spent the last half hour trying to find an answer to a seemingly very simple question. I have a Photoshop document with a couple of lines of text. Rather than having to mess with InDesign, I would rather just save as a PDF directly from Photoshop, since this method suppose to preserve the vector (fonts). Only problem, is that I see no where in the settings, an option to embed fonts.

      Tutorials online show an "embed font" checkbox, that is not available on my end. Could someone please explain to me how to do this. I keep reading conflicting options on what to do. Some people say it's ok to rasterize a Photoshop document with fonts, as long as the resolution is 600 or higher. Some say to use Indesign for the text. I understand the need for Indesign, but if I only have a couple of lines of text, and if Photoshop is capable of handling vector fonts (supposedly when saved as PDF, and fonts are embedded)..i see no reason to use InDesign. I just need to figure out how to embed fonts.