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    Trouble getting classic example game to work

      I'm trying to check out the 17 Keys game from the CD included with Real-Time Interactive 3D Games by Allen Partidge but after the animated intro it quits with "Script error: Value out of range" referring to line 50:

      gHavok.registerInterest(name, #all, 0,0, #tokenAquired, gTokenLut)

      I know it was written for Director 8.5. I'm using Director MX 2004 with the Havok extra and behaviors installed and Windows XP Pro. This book seems to be a classic on Director game development so the game must work but what can I do to make it work on my system? Is there an incompatibility between 8.5 and MX 2004? Should I view this book as a reference only for concepts but outdated and useless as to code? The ideas presented are exciting so it's frustrating not to be able to see them as embodied in this game.