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    Downloading Air 1.1

      Hey all,

      I've been working on a project for a course on computer interfaces. To build me a nice interface I decided to use Adobe Air. Yesterday I got a notification to update Air and, stupid as I am, I did. My problem is that my application isn't working properly since. The main problem seems to be event handling, particurly setting the eventhandling functions. Also it looks like mootools 1.2 isn't working as it did.

      Because I don't have a lot of time to go through my program all over again and check for errors I was wondering if there still is some posibility to get version 1.1 of Adobe Air. Furthermore it would be helpfull if the old extension for Dreamweaver CS4 is also available somewhere...

      Hope you can help me, so far I haven't found a solution.

      Thanks in advance,