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    Font Management 1 - I have a Bazillion Fonts but can't see them all in Photoshop.

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      Photoshop has an unacknowledged Font limit.

      The workaround is to use a Font Manager and only activate the fonts you need.

      There are 6 commonly used Font Managers.

      FontAgent Pro - the majority of Photoshop Users who participate on these forums seem to think this one is best. FAP is the most ATM Deluxe like. Auto Font Activation works perfectly for most, with no complaints being reported.

      Suitcase - this seems to be the next most popular, however, Auto Font Activation seems to cause problems for some.

      Font Reserve - this application was bought by the company that owns Suitcase Folk.

      Master Juggler - this is a relatively new application for OSX.

      Font Book - is built into Mac OSX since version 1.03. Apple have a useful Video Tutorial on using Font Book on their web site

      Linotype FontExplorer X - this is the newest font manager for OSX. its free and is at beta version 3 as of this posting.