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    Brush Strokes on Vector Paths

    Mike Shoaf
      Surely this has been mentioned before, but I did a search and found nothing, so...

      As an Illustrator, I would really like to be able to set a vector path and then stroke it with one of the drawing tools using the pressure sensitivity of the Wacom pen/tablet. Painter has this, but I prefer the way Photoshop handles a lot of other things (layer management, vector shape transformations, etc.).

      This would work similar to the Magnetic Lasso so that I could follow a vector path with a Brush tool, varying pressure during the stroke. I am aware of Ps's current ability to stroke a path, and the "simulate pressure" part, but neither of these give me the control I'm looking for.

      An example would be to draw an ellipse with the Vector Shape tool, then stroke a portion of it with the Brush tool, varying the size and/or opacity along the way. Move or transform the vector shape, and stroke again.

      This could be a simple checkbox to turn on/off the feature. It could be in the Brushes panel, In the Paths panel (my preference), the Control Strip, or redundant among those. Another option could be a "Vector Brush" tool hidden behind the Brush tool in the toolbox.
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          Level 1
          Its a strange request you have made there. You want to manually trace round a vector path with your Wacom, and have it record pressure sensitivity.

          Why don't you make a horizontal brush stroke, redefine that as a new brush and then stroke the path with this new brush. Needless to say, this process can all be speeded up, simplified and automated with Actions.

          Also Illustrators vector brush capabilites for illustration purposes are capable of amazing results
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            Mike Shoaf Level 1
            I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up before. Seems like such a natural fit for an Illustration workflow. Given how many illustrators spend so much time in Ps, I can't believe I'm the only one who is looking for this functionality.

            Basically, I'm looking for a digital take on french curves.

            Yes, I can get the same effect doing as you describe, but what essentially is "programming" (with a few rounds of trial-and-error before you get it "right") is a massive impediment to the creative flow. I wouldn't want to have to go through that process over and over again, to only apply to a couple strokes or paths each time.

            I probably spend a couple hours in Ps for every minute I spend in Painter, but this feature is one of the few things I really like better about Painter than Photoshop.
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              I submitted something similar to this about two version back. I know
              when I'm trying to draw a long line, it would be nice to be able to use
              some sort of guide. I think I was imagining a tool that you could hold
              with a second hand while drawing with the wacom pen. I think they really
              could corner the market if they came up with something like this.
              Unfortunately, I think they hold back...after all, if they give it all
              away, they have nothing to upgrade to...right?
              On a similar note, I vaguely remember back when ver 2or 3 of Illustrator
              came out and one could fit graphics(text?) in an envelope. At the time,
              it was a plugin that was subsequently removed.

              For the next 50;) versions I whined about this. Finally, I think it was
              version 9 or 10 that brought this feature back to Illustrator.

              So given that track record, I think we might get it in version 17. Let's
              cross our fingers. ;)
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                I use tablets a lot and I could totally see myself using this feature. I support this request.


                Though I see where Mark Reynolds is coming from, it's just not an intuitive solution for this particular request. This feature would be more efficient for a path you won't be using in the future, just this once.

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                  This would be an extremely valuable tool, especially for artists that would like to ink their sketches on Photoshop. I, and I'm sure many others, would certainly utilize this in upcoming versions of Photoshop.