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    Multiple Text Layers---»One Custom Shape.

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      Would you like to create a text logo, some contact information, or perhaps a copyright notice that you can use over and over, at various sizes? Here's how...

      First of all, dispel all notions of rasterizing your text for this tip. If you do that, you'll only ever be able to properly use the result at the size you created it. Changing the size of the rasterized text will make it fuzzy, because you'll be transforming pixels. You're looking for a way to keep these layers as vector, correct? Here's one way:

      Let's go with an example of three text layers. And let's assume they're named "ONE", "TWO" and "THREE."

      Highlight text layer "ONE" in the Layers Palette. Go to "Layer---»Type---»Create Work Path". This creates a vector path of your type in the Paths Palette. This path and its name is temporary until you create another work path, but if you create a second Work Path youll overwrite your first path. You want to make each path a permanent part of your document. Go to your Paths Palette and double-click on Work Path. This will give you the option to name the path so you don't overwrite it. Click "OK". The default name of "Path 1" is fine for now.

      Back in the Layers Palette, highlight text layer "TWO" and repeat the steps above. Do the same with text layer "THREE."

      In your Paths Palette, you should now see:
      Path 1
      Path 2
      Path 3
      These are the path versions of the text layers. So far, pretty easy, right?

      Now to combine the paths.

      Choose the Direct Selection Tool (Keyboard "A")

      In your Paths Palette, (Option+Click) [ALT+Click] on "Path 3." This will select the entire path and all the anchor points. Copy the paths for "Path 3" (Command+C) [CTRL+C].

      Click on "Path 1" to highlight it. Paste the path you just copied (Command+V) [CTRL+V]. "Path 1" now consists of the path from text layer "ONE" and the path from text layer "THREE."

      (Option+Click) [ALT+Click] on "Path 2" to select it. Copy its path.

      Highlight "Path 1" again. Paste "Path 2." "Path 1" now consists of the paths you created from all 3 text layers.

      Now, you have the vector paths for all three text layers gathered together in "Path 1." You can drag "Path 2" and "Path 3" to the trash if you want.

      (Option+Click) [ALT+Click] on "Path 1" and you'll see that all three text layer paths will be selected. Youll know, because all of the anchor points on all of the paths will be darkened.

      Go to "Edit---»Define Custom Shape..." and name it how you wish.

      Your new Custom Shape will now be present in your Custom Shape menu.

      Wanna save it out so you don't lose it?

      Go to "Edit---»Preset Manager..." Choose "Custom Shapes" (Command+7) [CTRL+7] in the drop-down menu. Your new 3-text-layer-custom-shape will appear at the end of the list. Click once on its name (or icon, if you're viewing that way). Click on the "Save Set..." button. Choose a name, and save it somewhere you wont lose it. The "Custom Shapes" folder, inside the "Presets" folder, inside the main Photoshop folder is a good place.