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    Vectorize - A Quick Tutorial (by Mathias and Pierre)

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      VECTORIZE - A Quick Tutorial


      Mathias Vejerslev - 10:04am Apr 14, 2004 Pacific

      There´s pixels, and then there´s vectors.

      Since Photoshop 6, Photoshop sports increasingly advanced vector tools which often eliminates or at least delays the trip to Illustrator for vectors.

      We use vectors when designing logos or creating graphic artwork. In print and in applications such as Flash.

      I have made a tool (Photoshop action) for easy vector conversion of any pixel content (high res Line Art scan, Pencil Drawing, photo, or even web graphic), directly in Photoshop, with options to:

      Choose Blur value to simplify

      Choose Threshold level

      Fine tune with a Dodging and Burning layer (This is the trick with continuous tone images)
      Set Path tolerance

      Make a Custom Shape

      Export result to Illustrator

      The technique included is very powerful indeed, albeit simple in idea.

      From this ugly jpeg comes this nice Vector Shape

      another example

      a third example

      Ever needed to enlarge a small photo to poster size without quality loss?

      Ever needed to convert a web size .gif to use as a catalog backdrop?

      Ever needed a ultra fast way of cleaning up your artwork or sketches to highest quality output?

      Ever needed to convert pixels to vectors?

      You can download and study the technique from here: http://www.96ppi.net/ddt_vectorizer.zip (Un-zip action and load from Photoshop).

      Mathias & Pierre.

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