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    Create a "Red-Eye Pen" - A Quick Tutorial by Mathias Vejerslev

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      Here´s how you can create your own special Tool in Photoshop - a red eye pen for taking out... Red eye!

      Open a photo with red eyes you want to eliminate.

      Make a new action set, call it MyTools or similar, then start recording a new action. Call it Red eye Pen.

      Hold Alt key, and go to Channel Mixer Adjustment Layer from the bottom of Layer Palette.

      Call the new adjustment layer Red eye Pen.

      Set these parameters (only Red channel changes):

      R: r:10 g:+50 b:+40
      G: r:0 g:+100 b:0
      B: r:0 g:0 b:+100

      Click ok.

      Set opacity of adjustment layer to ~80%.

      Immediately hit following keystrokes:

      'Ctrl-alt-I' to invert adjustment layer.

      Now press 'b' for brush tool.

      Hit 'd' for default colors.

      Now choose a suiting brush preset size (opacity cant be recorded).

      Hit Stop in action palette.

      Thats it. When you need a red eye pen, just play this action, and brush'em'away. Use the same principle to make other tools.

      Mod: If you wish you can use the Action Palette´s Insert Menu Item with View>Actual Pixels to record a last step that zooms in to 100%.