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    Conditional Actions Script for PS CS2

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      This script from Sivaratnam Gunaratnam will perform actions on Photoshop files and can change depending on certain definable conditions encountered in each file.

      From his Blog entry:
      1. "This is a tool I scripted for myself that I would like to share with all fellow Photoshopers. It allows you to execute your Actions based on Conditions. No programming needed. Just click and define your conditions.. Some examples of conditions are as follows:

      2. If the image height is greater than its width, do Action X, or else do else Y
      3. If the image format is JPG / PSD / BMP do action...
      4. If the image file size is bigger than 300KB, do action....
      5. if the image IS/IS NOT of RGB, CMYK... etc
      6. if image author is Siva, do action...
      7. if image exif contains Nikon D70s, do action ....
      8. if image name contains "paris", do action...

      Please note thatas of this writinghe has only tested it on Windows and PSCS2. However, someone posted a comment to his blog entry stating that it "Seems to work perfectly on a Mac too."

      caveat downloador :)

      Visit Siva's blog to read more and get the script at the following link: