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    Color: Schemes--Exploration and generation

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      In the posts that follow you'll find links to color scheme generators and comparison charts, plus utilities and applications which can be used to explore the relationships between different colors in a variety of ways. These can be useful for building color sets that will look good on your website or in print projects.

      Some work directly in your browser through either Java, JavaScript or with a Flash or Shockwave plugin; Others are applications or utilities that you download and use as separate programs or in conjunction with other programs.

      Depending on which site or application you choose, they will display the colors side-by-side and also show the codes for these colors in different formats, i.e.: RGB, hexadecimal, CMYK, Lab, HSB, HTML named colors, etc. Additionally, there are some which will create downloadable text files containing a list of the colors you choose, and others will even generate swatch files that you can save and which can be imported directly into your favorite applications.
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        ColorSchemer Online .

        Choose a color, and Online Color Schemer creates a palette of 15 complementary colors. Lighten or darken the entire range at the push of a button.