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    Move the Back Button for HTMLHelp?

      Hi there,

      I am working with RoboHelp chm files, and my users are having a hard time finding the back button becuse it is located way over to the left above the Contents tab.

      Is there any way to change the position of the Back Button provided by RoboHelp? Actually, swapping the position of the Back Button and the Custom Button2 button would work pretty well.

      Thanks very much for any information,

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          Level 2

          Unfortunately, I think the order of buttons is hard wired into the .chm. You can select which buttons but not the order. By adding a Hide/Show button, you would push the back button over one space. There may be others you could use but I wouldn't put them in unless they had some purpose.

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            RoboColum(n) Level 5
            Hi Sarah. John'e right. The buttons are hard coded. I was going to suggest you use one of the custom buttons with some javascript to replicate the Back button but it sounds like you have used your two custom button options. The only other thing I can offer is the popup menu available in the content area of a CHM that has a "back" menu item. Mind you if your users are having problems finding a toolbar icon, this may open up a real can of worms
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              sarahfleet Level 1
              Darn. Well, I could use the Custom 2 button as a print button, but then I would have to change the graphic on the button and that would require the dreaded hwserver.dll, right? And my next question was whether there might be a way to add a graphic to that nice little blank space after the Custom 2 button .. Oh, well. Thanks for saving me from finding out the hard way. :-)