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    Cannot Delete Folder in Project

    thegup55 Level 1
      I inherited this project which has been dormant for more than a year. The folder is named "XLRePricing Environment Errors Listing (DA)_files.fpj" and resides directly under the HTML Files Folder inside the project at the same level as all the topics. I can't delete from the project (the only enabled option is "rename" and if I delete it from the project folder and reopen the project I get a message that says it will be automatically recreated and that files associated will be missing. There seems to be no files as there are no errors (broken links etc) in the file afterwards. How does one get rid of something like this?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Have you checked that there are no images, baggage files, map files or style sheets anywhere in the folder that are preventing the folder from being deleted?
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            MergeThis Level 4
            The "XLRePricing Environment Errors Listing (DA)_files.fpj" should actually be the file list within the folder "XLRePricing Environment Errors Listing (DA)_files." These "_files" folders are generally created to house the image00x.jpg images that are extracted from files when you're importing them (.doc, .htm, etc.).

            Therefore, the file that was imported would have been named "XLRePricing Environment Errors Listing (DA). whateverextension applies.

            If you empty the folder, you should then be able to delete the .fpj file, and then delete the folder (if that's what you want to do).
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              thegup55 Level 1
              I made a copy of the folder, then opened it in WIN EXplorer and deleted it's contents and then deleted the folder. When I open the project in RH, this message appears "The folder (path shown) is missing from your project folder and will be recreated. Files from that folder will be shown as missing. Please delete the folder properly from Project Manager."

              Where would the files be shown as missing? I compile the project and check all the topics and nothing is missing or broken.

              The only enabled fucntion when I right click on the folder in PM is "rename"

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                RoboWizard Level 4
                Hi there

                The folder is being re-created because from RoboHelp's perspective, it's needed. This means that something, somewhere inside your project you have a reference to the folder.

                Unfortunately, from the description and all it would appear the folder was created as a result of importing content from Microsoft Word. I say "unfortunately" because this means you must now don your Sherlock Holmes attire and begin to sleuth. Most often folders like these are created to house images that came along for the ride. And sometimes they are referenced in obscure ways by Word.

                The bottom line here is that you are tasked with picking apart topics searching for references to the folder name. You may wish to use RoboHelp's Multi-File Find and Replace utility to narrow down the reference. Just us the text "_files" and scan all your HTML files. Odds are you will find it referenced in at least one and maybe more topics.

                Once you figure out where the reference is occurring, you may then amend the links. After you do that, you should be able to delete the unwanted folder using the RoboHelp UI.

                Cheers... Rick
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                  MergeThis Level 4
                  I wouldn't limit the search to only .htm files, but rather all source files.

                  You might find something in an .apj or .hhc file, for example.

                  Good luck,