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    Flex module (or not module) weirdness. SWF doesn't load in debug release

      Description of Problem:

      I have a flex module that is set to load after a particular event is caught. It used to load perfectly fine but for some reason it no longer does. I viewed the 'net' request in Firebug and did notice a couple things:

      - The request was actually being made to load it and 'something' was returned.
      - The returned file was 4KB (3761 bytes) though the true SWF file is 435434 bytes
      - The Etag doesn't have the center tuple (of form 0-0-xxxxxx)
      - Mimetype is still application/x-shockwave-flash
      - Even if I copy the files from the release to the debug folder, it doesn't work.
      - I cleared Firefox cache, restarted Firefox, and restarted computer.

      The same version of the code is being compiled by both versions (debug or release) but only the debug seems to have the problem. It appears that the debug is requesting the file and retrieving nothing back. Note they are coming from the same server and neither releases contain source or any 'flags' (that I know of) that make them different.

      I do not have any example code as I don't think it is code related.