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    Multiple SWF's in AIR

    stevetx2 Level 1

      Where can I find out how to create a AIR application using Flex to create Multiple SWF's to use.
      Example Of this could be:
      I have three business processes:
      Accounts Receivable as one SWF
      Accounts Payable as one SWF
      Human Resources as one SWF

      I want to do this so I can regression test only those SWF's that have been rebuilt.
      A simple example or link in right direction would be great.
      Thanks in Advance
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          stevetx2 Level 1
          Here is the Answer to the question
          Create a Module I called it myModule
          <mx:Module xmlns:mx=" http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute" width="400" height="300">


          Where you need to display it in my mxml do something like
          <mx:ModuleLoader id="m1"

          in your init()

          mm = myModule(m1.child)

          don't forget the class var
          private var mm:myModule;