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    why is my text blurry?

      I'm using photoshop cs to create a new document for web output. my text always appears blurry on screen. I tried starting the document with a resolution of 300ppi, but no change.

      what settings do i need to alter?
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          Check the type options. Should be on the top (right underneath the menus) where you select the font. Options for strong/crisp/sharp/etc. Play with these. You should be working in 72 or 96 ppi for web, I would think. Make sure not to rasterize the font and leave it as vector (with the "T" on the layer icon in the layers palette).

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            >You should be working in 72 or 96 ppi for web, I would think.

            'ppi' is not relevant to web design. Ignore it.

            Based on the other thread, it is doubtful that any text will not be blurry in a 175 pixel high by 175 pixel wide image... if that is the same image in question.
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              The key to sharp type (particularly small type) is to leave it as vectors, whether in Photoshop or in any other application. But that is more of a print consideration as print resolution is considerably more finely resolved than it is on the best monitors.

              72 ppi is a good guide for preparing Web graphics, but not an absolute to what you will see onscreen. For example, depending upon a lot of factors, including monitor resolution and quality, if you don't have enough pixels to create the letters, or if the type is too small or delicate, you will see poorly formed letters. Or the image may have been squeezed or stretched to fit a particular size on the Web page.

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                Here are some different types of anti-aliasing:

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                  Why is 72 ppi a good guide for preparing Web graphics? Isn't a 300 ppi image displayed the same on a web page as a 10 ppi image?
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                    "'ppi' is not relevant to web design"

                    What about sending customer proofs -- SFW? What ppi are your files Ken? Ir?

                    Whether you choose to ignore it or not, PS adds a dimension to your image and keeping in mind the dimension can be very important. I would recommend strongly against working above say 9999 ppi for web work in PS.

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                      J, you are still losing me and most everyone else. ppi has no relevance on web pages. But keep trying to explain your point to no end if you so wish.


                      You may assume Photoshop adds a ppi measurement to your image but a web browser does not care.
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                        I'll say it plainly. 72 - 96 ppi is MUCH closer to screen "resolution" than 300 ppi. Therefore, the inch dimensions in your PS doc will be MUCH closer to the eventual size on screen. That is all.

                        You are correct that for the web ppi does not matter. So why not try 9999 on for size. And save a PSPDF for the client before you launch. Or set up a password protected area. Or just have their web development hanging free.

                        And again, Ken -- what ppi are your files? Don't go changing them now just for me.

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                          "So the assumed 96 dpi logical inch in Windows, and the 72 dpi logical inch for Macintosh, are somewhat close to the size of our screens, so these defaults are at least a crude approximation for appropriate text size in inches. But there is no one "correct" or better guess, because screens vary. This Logical Inch guess definitely is a valiant try for an impossible problem (there simply is no concept of inches in the video system). It makes it possible to show fonts (dimensioned in points) on the screen. But it is not very accurate, because screens in fact vary in size and settings. This is why our word processors usually give us a Zoom control to see the text page any size we want to see it."
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                            My web files have no ppi measure, just like yours.

                            Kim never mentioned anything about 'inch dimensions' so I am confused why you are bothering with ppi.

                            Those working on web graphics in Photoshop simply set their view to 100%. There is no inches, no centimeters, etc. There is no ppi. In case you missed it, Kim already mentioned that trying a different ppi resolution had no effect. So why are you so hung up on ppi?
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                              So you enter "no" in the ppi field. Interesting. In CS3 10.0.1 on 10.4.11, I couldn't enter anything but a number in this field.

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                                Oh wait I figured it out. When I open a ppi-less graphic in PS, it ASSIGNS a ppi to it. Thanks for clearing that up Ken.
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                                  Why is it that when I work at 9999 ppi and SFW, 72 ppi is PS' default for assigned ppi? I guess they didn't read Mr. Fulton's wonderful website on CRT resolutions when spec'ing PS CS3. Or more probable -- they are bowing to pressure from idiots like me.

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                                    I think the reference to Pixels Per Inch scaling is just a measurement that us humans can relate to. I created a 96x96 pixel document in Photoshop, and picked up a ruler and measured the size on the screen and it was exactly 1 inch square. Of course, no matter what I set the resolution (ppi) at in Photoshop, 96 pixels is always going to equal 1 inch on my screen. But on paper, 1 inch is always going to equal 1 inch, no matter how many pixels are in the computer file. If your target is printing on paper, you would set the ppi resolution in the file to 300 for good print quality and convenience. When placing that image in a publishing program, the image will be sized automatically in the publishing document according to the ppi resolution in the image. But when creating content for the web, you can pretty much ignore the ppi resolution, because you will mainly be looking at pixels on the screen, not measuring how many inches it takes up on the screen. Also, when printing from a web browser, the page will usually be printed in the general proportions it appears at on the screen (it will not consider the ppi when printing). (That being said, I always create images for the web at 72 ppi out of habit! Strange, huh? We won't even mention 266ppi resolution for 133 line screen halftones! LOL!)
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                                      I think the rule for print images is 1.16, 1.18, 1.25, 1.4 or 1.5 x the linescreen. Not 2 x.

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                                        I was taught 2x, but now with expansive hard drives and ram, it really doesn't matter a whole lot anymore. A lot of times I will design at 600ppi if I think I might use the design later for larger formats like posters or banners. Saves headaches looking for original artwork & recreating it from scratch at a larger size!
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                                            Mac browsers also use 96 these days by the way, not only PCs.
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                                              And my screen is 100 ppi. All great numbers.
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                                                300 ppi image has a larger file size, which downloads slower.