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    Updatable News Page

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      Hi, im designing a flash site for someone, and they have just asked if it is possible to make a news section on the website which they can update the text daily themselves. Is this possible? It needs to be as simple and easy for them to change the text as possible as i think there compter knowledge is not much at all.

      Any help would be fantastic... or does anyone know any tutorials I could follow?
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          blemmo Level 1

          this is perfectly possible, all it takes is the information in a textfile that gets loaded by Flash. Depending on the data, it may just be a plain text file loaded with loadVariables() or the LoadVars class, or a XML file loaded with XML.load(). I prefer the second method.
          Your Flash movie should load that file from the server when it starts, and display the loaded data in the news section. You can add an MC to the library that holds certain textfields for the information, e.g. a textfield "date", "header" and "text", and attach that MC for each news entry, then fill the textfields with the info from the loaded textfile. You could also just use one MC for all news entries, maybe this is easier to handle. The hardest thing should be the design of the MC, especially the space it will take, as this depends a lot from the information it will contain. It might need scrollbars etc. You should check with the people from the website if the news have certain formats or if they can vary in size.
          To let the website owners update the news, I used to built a little interface with input fields for the infos. It loads the current info from the textfile and fills the textfields. Then the admins can change, delete or add entries, and when they're finished, a new XML file is built from the input and sent to a serverside script (e.g. a php file) that overwrites the textfile on the server.

          That's the blueprint, let me know if you need more help on this.