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    Duplicating states error

    mebadger Level 1
      I have a document with 5 or so pages and each page has several states, a few do not. On one page, I have duplicated a state, but when I try again, I get the following error:

      Could not duplicate the state.
      An internal error occurred.

      While this is the least of my problems, it is annoying - I can't seem to find anyone else who has seen the same problem.

      I have saved the file, exited Fireworks, and restarted my computer (Mac OS X) to no avail. I've already reinstalled to recover from other errors and crashes, so don't see reinstall as a reliable, viable option.

      Any ideas?
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          mebadger Level 1
          OK, so I decided to try something - which didn't and wouldn't occur to me as a solution. I renamed each of the states so that they were unique - making sure that I did not reuse state names from other pages. BTW, if the system doesn't allow state names to be reused, then the system shouldn't let me. The page I am working on is a duplicate of another page, with content variations - and one additional state.

          By renaming the states, I can now duplicate a previous state and get a new one just like the other.

          Go figure.
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            mebadger Level 1
            OK, seeing different/new error - when I try typing the name of a state with spaces, for example 'hover state', I get a message that tells me there are invalid characters (note that quotes are not actually include in the name).

            The odd thing is that I have other pages that have state names that do have spaces, so why is it now behaving this way and telling me I can't do something I've done before? BTW, the error messages does not state that spaces are invalid characters.
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              Sarthak Singhal Adobe Employee
              Will it be possible for you to post the png file? Spaces donot qualify as an invalid character. They are allowed while naming States,Pages and Layers.

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                mebadger Level 1
                unfortunately no, I cannot post the png file due to unreleased proprietary content. I've been able to work around the issue and able to move forward. I would note that the issue is sporadic and unable to duplicate the issue repeatedly since I've change the names of the states.
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                  Sarthak Singhal Adobe Employee
                  Incase you face the issue in future files and can share them, post them here so that we can have a look at it.

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                    Dave Hogue Level 2
                    I noticed in CS3 that when you duplicate a page, all of the layer and state names are also duplicated as is, which means the file now has layers and states with duplicate names. However, if you start a blank page, create a layer, and give it a name the same as on another page, then FW automatically appends a number to the name to make it a unique layer name.

                    So, duplicating a page actually creates the duplicate layer and state names that then lead to error messages when exporting. Perhaps duplicating a page should also automatically append numbers to layer and state names to ensure that no duplicate names exist in the file?
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                      Sarthak Singhal Adobe Employee
                      Hi Dave,

                      I am not sure if you are on Fw CS4 version but we have lifted the restriction of having unique layer names across pages.

                      In CS4 you can have same layer name in the same Page/State.

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                        Dave Hogue Level 2

                        I'm using both CS3 and CS4, and since I adapted a work flow to try and avoid duplicate layer and state names in CS3, I've been doing the same in CS4 so I had not yet noticed that the restriction was lifted in CS4.

                        Thanks for pointing that out - I can get lazy about naming layers again! LOL