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    greenjumpyone Level 2
      I get that it's a licensing service (for PSCS3), but I'm not happy that it's interfering with my ProShow Gold software. :(

      Is there any reason that it should be running, even if I don't have any Adobe apps running?

      The fact that I can't run the two programs simultaneously is frustrating, but at least I have been able to figure out it was the FNPLicensingService.exe that was causing my PSG to crash.

      Anyone else have issues with this process?
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          The only issue I have with the licensing service is that I don't want it running all the time. Can you imagine how munged-up our computers will become if all of the software publishers slap a similar licensing service on our computers?

          Sadly, because I run the CS3 Suite so often, it is impractical to shut down and restart the licensing service each time. Darn sloppy system architecture!

          With Symantec filling our systems with pointless processes and silly services, we are getting a real traffic jam on the work computers. They all seem to have forgotten who owns the computer.
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            greenjumpyone Level 2
            There is also the mDNSResponder.exe which is "Bonjour"?

            I had to end that process as well. :(

            I agree, neither of those processes should be running if the software is NOT currently running. They should turn on and off, as the programs are launched and closed.

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              Daryl Pritchard Level 1
              Hi GH,

              While you can always remove Bonjour, it may be even easier to just disable the process so it never launches. Then and if you need it for Version Cue support, you can simply re-enable the service. Upon a new CS3 installation, the service is shown in the Services applet as ##Id_String2.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B879762##. If you uninstall and reinstall Bonjour, the name will be updated to "Bonjour Service" in the Services applet, but that's not critical to simply disabling the service so that it doesn't run. Regardless, as per this Adobe Tech Note, the following will update the name.

              From the Run dialog, enter
              "C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe" -remove
              and then
              "C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe" -install

              Refer to the Tech Note if you simply want to uninstall Bonjour.


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                Ronald Keller Level 4

                Note that the technote has a typo

                (to remove Bonjour)
                It should read
                "C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe" -remove

                instead of
                "C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe -remove"

                The technote is probably too technical for Adobe :-)

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                  After removing Bonjour, my system was rendered unstable, anything Winsock-related (network in general) was stopped. Only a System Restored saved the day.

                  I'm deeply disappointed with Adobe. We, legal users, are once more paying a stupid price because of piracy, while illegal users surely don't have to bother with this kind of problem at all, since the damn 'Bonjour' thing probably won't even be installed with illegal copies.

                  Way to go, Adobe.

                  Gee, how can companies be so stupid? Stop bundling garbage with the software we legally buy and install! Leave us alone!

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                    dave milbut Level 4
                    I wouldn't remove it. I would/did disable it from the services applet in control panel> admin tools> services. you can't blame adove for a problem caused when you remove parts of the program.

                    adobe does a lot of stupid stuff aboas far as the activation scheme goes, but i don't think bonjour svc is part of it (it's an apple product used in networking, i believe adobe uses it for version cue, go to apple.com and read ut it if you're interested).
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                      Bonjour is not an Abode product... it is an apple product and is bundled with iTunes and some other software that use its services (the service it provides is "effortless" discovery of other local computers in a LAN). Please blame Apple if this Bonjour is giving you problems.
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                        dave milbut Level 4
                        nobody reads post #6! <sigh>
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                          To Remove FNPLicensingService

                          1 QUIT ALL Adobe Applications
                          2 CTRL-ALT-DELETE and click "Processes" Tab, if you see FNPLicensingService highlight it and click "End Task", once its not shown in the "Processes" Tab goto next step.
                          3 Search your computer for "FNP_Act_Installer.dll" (without quotes).. you may need to click "More Advanced Options" in the search window and select "Search System Folders/ Hidden Files/ Subfolders" then click "Search" button.... wait for it to completely search your hard drive!
                          4 Rename or delete all found matches (there may be serveral depending on how many Adobe applications are installed on your computer.

                          Now FNPLicensingService should no longer run, do a CTRL-ALT-DELETE and check after launching some Adobe programs. This has worked for me flawlessly but if you experience problems you will need to return the "FNP_Act_Installer.dll" files back to their original locations, it is best to rename them and not delete them (in Step 4) incase you need to revert.
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                            povimage Level 1
                            Simply disable FNPLicensingService.exe in the services panel. Then ProShow Gold should run fine.

                            You can renable FNPLicensingService.exe if you need to.

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                              povimage, disabling FNPLicensingService in Services console does not work, it will re-enable itself. The steps I posted above work best.
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                                povimage Level 1
                                Cool. As a tip for renaming, I like to just change the extension on the DLL to OLD. Alternatively, you can preface the file name with a tilde the way you do to disable plugins.
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                                  dave milbut Level 4
                                  > it will re-enable itself

                                  not on my box. if something is re-enabling it (and rest assured it's not "itself"), that something needs it. most likely itunes or some other apple application that you want to run).

                                  and by setting it to disabled instead of automatic or manual (manual is the setting where the service stays disabled until needed, either started by a user or an applicaiton with sufficient permission) you should prevent it from ever starting and an app that REALLY needs it will fail, thowing an error. THEN you can reenable it.

                                  disabled really means disabled. if it doesn't on your box, something's wrong.
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                                    Daryl Pritchard Level 1
                                    Unless I'm missing something here, the FNPLicensingService.exe (FLEXnet Licensing Service) is the new Macrovision license manager for PS CS3 and other CS3 apps. So, akin to the Adobe License Manager of earlier products, I'd expect to see a failure upon launch of any CS3 product if FNPLicensingService.exe is disabled or removed.

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                                      I wonder when I agreed to install this piece of 'ware?
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                                        I really dislike this type of spam in my services. Apple, Adobe, who do they think they are? Forgetting who owns the PC, indeed.

                                        Testing with Flash and PS CS3 shows no effect from disabling this little piece of junk in services, and no sign that it can automagically undisable itself. This isn't a Microsoft product, after all.
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                                          i hate the adobe installer. theres always a need for min 970mb disk space on drive c/ minimum.

                                          example: i have installed parts of the master collection (pr, ps, en, dr, ai, the little crappy proggs which go along the first installation like adobe stock photos, which i wont need ever!! etc). after the first installation i´m still having 800mb free disk space on c/ 2gb on d/ and 15gb on e/ (i have 3 partitions on my laptop harddisk). now i wish to install indesign (needs something like 500mb), but i cant install it, because the installer needs 970mb on c/... for what??

                                          or some more frustrating: to install the flash encoder (programm size = 36mb) i need 970mb free disk space on c:/, even i i want to install the programm on d:/

                                          the way i solved the problem?? i uninstalled everything and installed it again together with indesign and the flash encoder :P then it worked

                                          another thing which really hurts are the different shortcuts for the same function [e.g. undo = strg+z (flash) = strg+alt+z (photohop) = strg+shift+z (dreamweaver or premiere)] who will ever remember them??

                                          and another one is the missing function to import ac3 sound into premiere (this function is e.g. part of ulead studio9. now i use a freeware-tool [h3adache] to encode ac3 -> wav, then i import the wav-file), cost me several hours to find it. i want my money back...

                                          OMG whats up with adobe??
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                                            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                                            > hate the adobe installer. theres always a need for min 970mb disk space on drive c/ minimum.

                                            I suggest you take that up with Microsoft. But, if that's really a
                                            problem, you need a new harddrive.

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                                              Michael D Sullivan Level 3
                                              Install everything on D:
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                                                @dave milbut

                                                Disabling the service does not work if you are logged in to windows with a useraccount that has admin rights (which is the vast majority of users with their own PC). Running your CS3 apps leads to them quite illegally overriding the startup setting, forcing it back to "automatic", followed by running the service.

                                                Of course, this can be combatted by setting the startup to "disabled" as admin and then logging in with a restricted access user account (that way applications are not allowed to modify service settings), but for many people this sounds like too much troubled, because of ye olde 'why would I need multiple accounts for my own computer' reasoning.

                                                Aside from Adobe clearly taking liberties with what its applications should be allowed to do (the apps should go "licensing service is disabled in services, please change the setting to manual or automatic"), it also makes *every* CS3 application force this change, including ones that do not require the service whatsoever. For instance, I just crippled the service by stopping it and rename its relevant files to *.*.old, but this doesn't seem to have any effect whatsoever on starting up and subsequently using Photoshop CS3. It runs fine.
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                                                  dave milbut Level 4
                                                  > @dave milbut Disabling the service does not work if you are logged in to windows with a useraccount that has admin rights

                                                  mike, my post was about bonjour, not the licensing service (in refrence to henrique's post directly above mine):

                                                  > After removing Bonjour, my system was rendered unstable,

                                                  bonjour does remain disabled if you disable it. i haven't tested the licensing svc.

                                                  ok. i just tested it. i disabled the adobelm service and oddly enough cs3 started up fine. looked back into services (closed and restarted) and it was STILL disabled. quit and restart. still works. service still disabled. hmm... odd, but not what you describe either (licensing svc auto re-enabled by app after manual disable).
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                                                    It seems I jumped the gun, it's not the CS3 apps that force-enable it on my system, but acrobat 8 pro (at least. it's possible other versions of acrobat do this too, but I only have 8 pro installed).

                                                    renaming all FNP related files across the various adobe installs to *.*.old (and my word those files are everywhere! you'd think this is exactly what the "common files" directory should be used for) does not seem to impair normal operation of acrobat 8 pro either. (though I would imagine that when you run into a document that uses flexnet licensing, this might generate an error. Then again, I can't remember every running into a pdf that did).
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                                                      On occasion, when the Distiller gets opened, it comes up with this box that says Acrobat is not ACTIVATED (even though it is), and won't let me use Distiller until I "activate". Sometimes I hit retry and it works, but sometimes I have to open Acrobat, wait for the Help > Activation menu to turn into Help > Licensing and then open Distiller again.

                                                      Now is this because FNP is trying to "call home" and verify but cannot (because there is no net access on this box) in which case I should just stop it from running, or is it because FNP needs to run????
                                                      • 24. Re: FNPLicensingService.exe
                                                        dave milbut Level 4
                                                        >Now is this because FNP is trying to "call home" and verify but cannot (because there is no net access on this box) in which case I should just stop it from running, or is it because FNP needs to run????

                                                        TAFO! :)

                                                        (try and find out!) worst that can happen is it refuses to run and you need to reenable it.
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                                                          Actually, I just did try it. I used one of the many ways to stop FNPlicensingservice.exe from running. It turns out that Distiller shows the message when this isn't running and Acrobat completely crashes when it's not running.

                                                          So in my case, it appears that FNPlicensingservice needs to run. And I'm assuming that it does its own internal verification and authentication since I do not have any Internet access on this server.
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                                                            dave milbut Level 4
                                                            thanks for the confirmation.
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                                                              Daryl Pritchard Level 1

                                                              While I'm not using Acrobat 8, at least the conventional way that licensing processes work is as you described...it is simply a localized verification that would become corrupted if you attempted to disable any of the processes used by that activity. So, I'm not surprised you'd get the activation error messages that you've seen, as the same was true with the Adobe LM Service of CS2. As in Hopper's original posts, I think the biggest problem is that the licensing service remains active even when all affected Adobe apps have been closed; it should be a service that goes active only while one or more Adobe apps are open, and exit once the last app is closed down. If you find it still active after you've closed your Adobe apps, you should be able to kill the process in your Task Manager list without any negative impact, but it will relaunch with the next use of an Adobe product that uses activation.


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                                                                Level 1
                                                                Thanks Daryl...
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                                                                  Sapphire Studios Level 1
                                                                  Just have it start manually. That way it will start with the program, but won't run in the background all of the time.

                                                                  Administrative Tools-->Services-->Right Click On It-->Properties-->Choose StartupType-->Manual from the drop down box.

                                                                  If you have any issues then just go back and change it.
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                                                                    It's a shame some paranoid idiot decided to install another crap (in both design and execution) piece of software. I now have, in addition to all the MS stuff I don't know, about Adobe's FNPlicensing, Apple's Bonjour and 3dsmax Raysat.

                                                                    Time to get rid of all of them I think and look for alternatives...
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                                                                      Level 1
                                                                      It's looking like Eclipse, Foxit and Videolan so far... any other suggestions?
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                                                                        John Joslin Level 6
                                                                        Yeah, look it's even making everything you post echo!
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                                                                          Bart Cross Level 4
                                                                          I have all those services set to manual, none of them are running and all my Adobe Apps (ID CS2, PS CS2, Ill CS3, Acrobat 8 Pro, & Bridge) are all running just fine.

                                                                          Just checked, with the licensing set to manual, it will only start while an app is running, set to disabled prevents the apps from starting.
                                                                          • 34. Re: FNPLicensingService.exe
                                                                            Bart Cross Level 4
                                                                            As an additional point, if the service is set to manual it only runs while the app is running, it stops within a minute of closing the app.
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                                                                              >mike, my post was about bonjour, not the licensing service (in refrence to henrique's post directly above mine)

                                                                              And Mike was referring to post #13 where you responded to post #11 where sirbrent was talking about FNPLicensingService which is not bonjour. So his comment is still valid and useful to know.

                                                                              If you all want a quick way to make sure the services and programs aren't running after you close the program, make a batch file that stops the service. Actually, I made a batch file that closes the program and stops the service at the same time for me. I just stuck the batch file on my quick launch since I use the program so much.
                                                                              • 36. Re: FNPLicensingService.exe
                                                                                Level 1
                                                                                More on this:

                                                                                I use the portable Foxit reader for reading PDF files. It has always worked flawlessly. I have recently installed Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro, and had the troubles previously mentioned with the FNPlicensingservice running all the time. I followed the steps outlined above to disable this service and found that Adobe Acrobat Pro poped up with an error message just as soon as the cursor landed on a PDF file - didn't even have to click on it. Since the FNP_Act_Installer.dll had been renamed and the FNPLicensingService had been disabled in my only Hardware Profile it was obvious to me that there was some other Adobe program running all the time to detect PDF files - a program that does not show on the Task Manager Processes list.

                                                                                My desire was to have the Foxit Reader work for PDF reading without any interference from Adobe Acrobat, and only have Acrobat Pro active when I occasionally need to create or edit a PDF. I believe that this is the way Windows programs are supposed to work. I don't mind the FNPLicensingService running when Acrobat is running, but all the time, and interfering with my default PDF reader is really arrogant on the part of Adobe.

                                                                                I did a little detective work and found that the program AdobeInfo.exe in the Adobe folder seemed to be the program causing the problem. I renamed it, and renamed FNP_Act_Installer.dll back to it's original name and restored the FNPLicensingService to Manual operation. Local PDF files now open OK and FNPLicensingService is not activated.

                                                                                It took some work on the Firefox configuration settings to get rid of all calls to Adobe, but I was successful and Internet based PDF files now open OK via the Firefox browser without activating the FNPLicensingService. However, I can't do the same for IE6. It continues to call Adobe Acrobat even with portable Foxit set as the default reader, and there does not seem to be any IE setting for a desired PDF reader.

                                                                                When it's needed Adobe Acrobat opens OK, activates the FNPLicensingService and seems to operate normally.

                                                                                Maybe someone else can build on this and come up with a fix for IE6.
                                                                                • 37. Re: FNPLicensingService.exe
                                                                                  Level 1
                                                                                  The book PDF Hacks by Sid Steward is the source for this fix which allows IE to use your default PDF reader and not Acrobat. It works for IE and Firefox and may be easier than figuring out what to do in Firefox as I did in the message above.

                                                                                  It requires a registry hack. Open Regedit and navigate to:


                                                                                  Change the default for this key to the full path for your PDF reader of choice.
                                                                                  • 38. Re: FNPLicensingService.exe
                                                                                    dave milbut Level 4
                                                                                    that's not a hack. it's an edit.
                                                                                    • 39. Re: FNPLicensingService.exe
                                                                                      Level 1
                                                                                      actually Dave, "hacking" was a term originally coined to denote the actions of every day programmers who create and edit code for a living, but thanks for posting absolutely nothing relevant to the issue at hand.

                                                                                      i am seeing a similar FNPLicensingService notation in console when Adobe Bridge CS3 fails to open (as in it never opens - clicking on it directly, switching to it from Photoshop, attempts at launching it from right-clicked images, etc.) anyone seen this?
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